Kill Assist – Bear Attractant

Successful bear hunts start by using a good attractant. A bears nose is second to none when it comes to detecting scent that does not smell real. An example of how powerful their nose is can be seen in this comparison:
A blood hound can smell 300 times better than us, a black bear can smell 7 times better than a blood hound. With this in mind I have come up with an attractant that has no equal. First, I use glass bottles to eliminate all permeation of the fluid mixing with the plastic. I then sterilize all bottles to get rid of all possible bacteria that can effect the smell of the product. The bottles are amber colored to eliminate effects the sun would have on the attractant.
Finally all KILL ASSIST products are sold directly by us, the manufactures. This allow us two things, personal contact with the person buying the product and assurance of fair pricing. Please try our scent and realize you have purchased the finest bear attractant available.
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Bill Bearcrazy Wiesner

In 2016 the Wiesners are opening a bear guide service, 3-B Bear Outfitters. It will be a top of the line bear outfitting business that will offer only the finest experience to you the hunter. In Michigan hunts will be conducted in Amasa, Baraga and Bergland zones. Wisconsin will be in zone B. Apply this year for preference points. For more information contact 3-B Outfitters at :

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I am Bearcrazy

Over the last half a century I have dedicated my outdoor experience to the BLACK BEAR. My passion for this incredible animal has taken me all over Canada and the United States. Most of the time I have been accompanied by members of my family who collectively have more than a century and a half of bear hunting and study.

We will cover all aspects of the black bear. Our goal is to refine your present skills and introduce you to new procedures. All methods of hunting, including my newly found calling bear using bear vocalizations and bear decoys will be covered. A new products page for our KILL ASSIST products will be available soon. I will be releasing a new book in early 2015 that will be the most informational book ever written on black bears. Included with the book will be a DVD on bear.

In closing, no matter what involvement you have in the black bear world, bear hunting’s first family, the Wiesners will be there to assist you any way we can.

To the woods,
Bill bearcrazy Wiesner



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New Products Coming Soon!

New Products Coming Soon

New Products Coming Soon

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7 Star Outfitters **NEW!**

Brothers of the Bear is happy to announce that we currently are adding a page to our web sight that will single out outfitters that I have hunted with that deserves special attention. These outfitters offer that above and beyond hunt that makes them a 7-star outfitter. There are some very good outfitters that have received a 5-star rating and would be recomended by most of us. We are looking for that special outfitter that is a step above the 5-star level, hence the 7-star rating. As a hunter you can experience the best of the best bear hunt through our 7-star outfitters.

Click Here to go to see our 7 Star Bear Hunting Outfitters

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New Bear Camp!

Brothers of the Bear is proud to announce that we have a new place to do all of our bear studies. The location is nestled in the northwoods of Wisconsin. This will better help us bring all of you up to date on bear behavior. We are committed to bringing everyone the total picture on bear habits and their everyday schedules. This will help us better understand this awesome animal. Stay tuned!

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A Special Message from my friend Ted Nugent

Please watch this special video message from my blood brother…… Ted Nugent!

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Amber Kolstad Bear Hunt

In my 50 years of bear hunting what happened to my family and myself is beyond words. My best friends, the Kolstads, have a 14 year old daughter that is very special. In an attempt to keep this short because of articles I will be doing, on Sunday afternoon Sept 18, 2011 Amber Kolstad, with her Ten Point Crossbow in hand took her first bear using hounds. She got to see the entire spectrum of bear hunting, i.e. baitsitting and dog hunting. Her preference was using dogs and thanks to Oak Ridge Guide Service, Darrell Wood and family, made it happen.

Amber Kolstad Bear Hunt

Bill Wiesner & Amber Kolstad

The experience sparked a fire in me to do a hunt every year called the AMBER HUNT for bear. Simple way to do it is have anyone with special needs, between 12 and 18 years old, apply though this website. Anyone who gets a tag in Zone A or Zone D that would like to donate their tag to this cause is encouraged to contact me through this website. Please, let’s all get together and make a special hunt for a special individual on an annual basis.

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800lb Bear – New Minnesota Record!

800lb Bear Minnesota Record

Over 800lbs! New Minnesota Bear Hunting Record!

I recently received an email from one of our Bear Scent customers in northern Minnesota of a new record bear. As you can see by the picture, this is a true giant. Tipping the scales at over 800#’s live weight and over 650#’s dressed, this is the new Minnesota weight record. My biggest bear to date is 417#’s. I cannot imagine one twice that size. It goes to prove that management of resources, such as bear, can produce records that not that long ago were unheard of to the bear hunting fraternity.

I hope to have better pictures and complete story in the near future.

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Bear Hunting Radio Interview on 1570am

A couple of Wednesdays ago, I had the honor of doing an hour long radio show on 1570AM and 95.3 FM. The host of the show, Marc Drewek, asked me questions on bear hunting and related topics. It was a refreshing experience being able to talk about my favorite topic – BEAR HUNTING.

We covered subjects from the use of scents i.e. BEAR SCENTS, to the growth and popularity of bear hunting. Ted Nugent, whose roots run deep in the bear woods, also was talked about in depth. It is meetings like this radio show that is sure to spark the interest not only in bear hunting, but, growing BROTHERS OF THE BEAR.

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