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I am Bearcrazy

Posted by on March 3, 2014

Over the last half a century I have dedicated my outdoor experience to the BLACK BEAR. My passion for this incredible animal has taken me all over Canada and the United States. Most of the time I have been accompanied by members of my family who collectively have more than a century and a half of bear hunting and study.

We will cover all aspects of the black bear. Our goal is to refine your present skills and introduce you to new procedures. All methods of hunting, including my newly found calling bear using bear vocalizations and bear decoys will be covered. A new products page for our KILL ASSIST products will be available soon. I will be releasing a new book in early 2015 that will be the most informational book ever written on black bears. Included with the book will be a DVD on bear.

In closing, no matter what involvement you have in the black bear world, bear hunting’s first family, the Wiesners will be there to assist you any way we can.

To the woods,
Bill bearcrazy Wiesner



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